Michal Ann McArthur

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Choking on a Camel
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Choking on a Camel

About Choking on a Camel

A fast-paced literary novel about a fundamentalist Christian’s crisis of faith

Choking on a Camel is the story of Alex Ferguson’s battle with her religion. Alex has a saint’s heart and a skeptic’s brain. She strives to nail down the truth, but it’s like trying to nail down the wind. She’s told to believe by faith, but her mind rebels against accepting anything by faith.

When her atheist brother is killed in an accident, she’s slammed by the horror of what her religion actually teaches: God ordained the accident and sent her beloved brother to hell. She’s overwhelmed by questions. What kind of God would do this? Is He in control of everything that happens, even evil and war and accidents? How can she know the truth?

Determined to find answers, she returns for her senior year at a Christian fundamentalist university, under such intense pressure she can barely breathe. Underneath her cloak of sweet conformity rages grief, anger, and doubt. She’s wrestling with the God she wants to love but maybe hates and definitely doesn’t understand.

As she fights for understanding, temptation strikes where she’s most needy and vulnerable.

Choking on a Camel is a timely novel that confronts issues we all face about God and religion. Expect this novel to challenge your thinking, not necessarily to confirm it.